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Published April 2, 2022 / Updated April 30, 2022

Hello, my name is Jonathan Cantres, and I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mozambique. As a former educator and community coordinator in Mozambique, one of my visions includes educational opportunities. Tatenda Cangol, a college student in Mozambique, reached out to me to share his story with the hope of receiving financial assistance towards his tuition so that he can finish his last year of college. The following is his story, which he sent me in Portuguese and I translated into English.


My name is Tatenda Lenade Cangola, and I grew up an orphan from Manica province in Mozambique. In 2017, I graduated from secondary school (high school) and was accepted to continue my studies at Púngué University in Chimoio. I had financial assistance from my aunt and dear friend Alyssa, who helped pay for my tuition, house income, and food. Unfortunately, my aunt passed away last month. In addition, Alyssa (a Peace Corps Volunteer) was evacuated and returned home. As a result, I cannot continue my studies. I have lost the financial support that enabled me to attend school.


My goal is to finish my last year of school and graduate with a degree in English Language Teaching. Afterward, I aspire to work in education and create an orphanage in my community of Guro. Living in Mozambique as an orphan is challenging. There is a lot of discrimination toward orphans, so I want to help.


I ask for your help so that I can finish my last year of college. I am very thankful to those who can contribute. I would also like to thank Peace Corps. Its English Theater program and science fairs were where my passion for English began, resulting in my desire to become an English school teacher.


Thank you very much.


Update: The GoFundMe was a success. We managed to raise $305 which will pay Tatenda's final year of tuition. He sent me a video showing his appreciation to share.