COVID-19 Mask Initiative

Published May 30, 2020 / Updated July 1, 2020

After serving about a year in Peace Corps, I was evacuated due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I felt awful leaving my new community in Mozambique, not knowing how the virus would affect any of us. As a result, I decided to raise capital back in the United States to finance masks to distribute in my former village to mitigate Covid-19.

The mask initiative was a success. I collaborated with former students in Mozambique to assist with this project. We bought cloth and hired three tailors to create them into masks. We made over 2000 masks, which my former students distributed around the village for free. In addition, my students would inform locals of the importance of washing their hands and how to do it properly. I was ecstatic about what we could accomplish with an idea and passion for helping others.

Update: My former students sent pictures of the progress made in creating and distributing masks to mitigate Covid-19. In addition, they sent a thank you video to all of those who contributed to this mask initiative.